Can Writers Produce the Script?

can writers produce their own scripts?

Wearing many hats in a film production.

Mitch in Tennessee asks:

“Your site says you can help writers produce their own scripts, how hard is that? Is cost effective?”

Hi Mitch, well it works no doubt. How much can be done, really depends on your comfort level. Some writers love the idea of controlling the entire process to keep their vision continuous. Many like the idea of wearing many hats. Other writers are intimidated by having to shoot or learn filmmaking and technical skills. We can tell you, is that it can be done, we have done it. Our plan is to prepare you just to be the ‘General Contractor’ or ‘Producer’ to manage each aspect from script to screen. You don’t need to know how to shoot, you need to learn to delegate. Like the ‘General Contractor’ you would bring in people to do contribute. We structure this the same way.

Some writers want to learn to shoot or have some photographic skills. That’s fine, you can just bring in an assistant. We help you put your team together so you are not going out of your comfort zone. You may just need a director of photography to light, or an editor to cut your project. You still oversee the entire production process to make sure your story is being told.

In the Independent world of production you can do this. In the bloated Hollywood system you have to spend thousands of dollars to pay people to stand around and do just one job! It’s a joke! This program is the do-it-yourself way of getting your script to screen and save a great deal of money doing so!

Thanks for the question, Mitch!

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