Film Scams

film scams

The Internet is full of experts, just ask them! Trust no one.

Terri in California Asks:

“I found a film sales agent online. I contacted them about my feature film. They were excited to have a female director to work with. I was told it could help and a meeting was set up. Come to find out they wanted $8000 upfront! Who do I trust after that?”

Terri, The Internet is full of experts, just ask them! Trust no one. For every legit distribution company, there are least a hundred scam artists! Find a good lawyer, you need to do your homework and weed out the Asstalkers, to save yourself time and frustration. I will tell you that there are many more scam artists then there are real distributors.

The ‘SALES AGENT’S’ are the biggest scam! They are the used car salesmen of the film business. They have no morals and will bleed you dry. They could care less if your film is good or not can it make them a dime. If ANYONE asks for money upfront, RUN away not walk! You NEVER give money upfront, NEVER! Design a marketing plan and list reputable distributors. The best way to find out about a distribution company’s reputation is to contact other filmmakers that have deals with them. Find out how good they are and how they treat the filmmaker.

The Internet is full of BULLSHITTERS! Most are all ‘self-proclaimed’ experts. There is one simple way to CALL THEM OUT! One simple question: “What have you sold”? This goes for Production, Distribution or anything to do with the business. People that have no films sold are AMATUERS! You never give money or waste time on amateur’s claiming to be experts. Never sign any type of deal with an amateur. Not ALL FILMMAKERS ARE CREATED EQUALLY.

Filmmakers that have sold films to distributors are PROFESSIONALS. There’s a huge difference between an Amateur filmmaker and a Professional. Remember this, only 2% of all filmmakers actually sell their film to a legitimate distributor. That means 98% of these so called ONLINE production experts are amateurs and have never sold a film professionally. Stay away from the Asstalkers. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, maybe I can help you with my contacts.

Thanks for the question, Terri!

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